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Game Creator, a light, free and programming-free game creator.

Legal notices


Game Creator and all the games available on the community are freewares. These are proprietary softwares that the creators make available to Internet users completely free of charge.

However, donations are strongly encouraged. No online donation platform is available at the moment, but you can make a physical donation if you know us.

Freewares differ from free softwares by the fact that their code is not accessible and editable by everyone. These powers are reserved to the Game Creator development team. To apply, please send us an email at


Privacy policy

The free use of this software does not require any compensation. The Game Creator development team guarantees that none of your personal data will be collected.

The only data that can be collected, with the user's agreement, is the game(s) he publishes on the Game Creator community. All members of the community agree to apply this principle identically.

Limitation of liability

Games published on GC community are under the strict responsibility of their creators. The Game Creator team cannot be held responsible for any material damage related to the use of the Game Creator software or the Game Creator community. The user of the site furthermore undertakes to access the site using a recent hardware, free of viruses and with an updated last generation browser.

Game Creator is not for sale!

We are independent and we intend to remain so!